Unbearably cute Okamiden!

I know Kotaku did a similar post, but I felt the need to express my expectations and opinions on the style of the newly announce Capcom game, Okamiden.

A puppy by any other name would not be as cute. False, puppies are ALWAYS cute, however a puppy version of Amaterasu is just too adorable. A game about a puppy goddess has a lot of potential…unlike “Nintendogs”.

I loved the look and feel, for the most part, of Okami on Wii (I like to call it Okawii), some of the techniques were unbearable only because the nunchuck sensitivity was extremely inaccurate. I still haven’t beat yet only because of my unforgiving random schedule, for instance I will be up in Atlanta at Dragon*Con for 4 days. If you see my be sure to say hi. I digress, Okamiden, how I wish you were here already so I could get my puppy fix, my 7 year old dog isn’t cutting it anymore.

Here to hoping Okamiden is an amazing game.

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