3 thoughts on “Assassin's Creed III in WWII?”

  1. I think that there’s been enough games dealing with World War II that we don’t need any more. Still, this isn’t Call of Duty/Medal of Honor we’re talking about, it’s Assassin’s Creed, so I can see it happening, but I’m more curious about what the assassin would look like. The type of dress from the first and second game wouldn’t fit the World War II era, so I assume that the WWII look would be very different from what we’ve seen thus far.

    I think that the idea of a third game is interesting, and that the idea of a female assassin is nice, but I don’t really think we need a third Assassin’s Creed. I can’t pick up and play the first one for long stretches of time without getting bored and putting it down for a week or two, so I don’t see a third one (let alone the second one) having much of a difference on me.

    Those are just my opinions though.

  2. I’d rather see an area that hasn’t been farmed by video games. I think Assassin’s Creed could do well in the Industrial Revolution, the New World or maybe Colonial times. Then again, this is just an idea they threw out, not a confirmation. I’ll play the game regardless, because it won’t just be using the setting as an FPS, but I think it’s a bit too close to modern times for the storyline to remain consistent; it would be like the main character’s grandmother. DNA memory from two generations ago isn’t half as interesting as several more.

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