Bayonetta release dates for Europe and North America

While the PS3 version of Bayonetta is import friendly with English voice acting and all, some gamers who aren’t willing to pay the extra money will be happy to know that the title will be coming westward fairly soon. The release date for Bayonetta on both the X-box 360 and PlayStation 3 is on January 5th 2010 in North America and will be followed soon after by a European release on January 8th 2010.

Supposedly over in Japan the final retail release of Bayonetta is still seeing a few technical problems on the PlayStation 3, but the fact that the PS3 version got a 38/40 in Famitsu isĀ  still a good sign, even if the 360 version got 40/40 in Famitsu. Of course in the two months that we are waiting for the title to leave Japan could change the outcome for the PS3 version in western markets.

(Source: Destructoid)

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