Deal a Day: Cheap Wii

If you’ve been looking for that great deal in order to get yourself a Wii, or maybe you had homebrew and it bricked with the 4.2 update. Either way I found some DIRT cheap Wii’s.

A Wii for $165 with free shipping (in the U.S) sound good to you? It certainly does to me.

Condition, included stuff, and link after the break.


This item was received in our warehouse from one of our retail partners as a returned unit in an open box. Upon inspection, it our inspectors determined the unit did not appear to be used, based on the packaging, the state of the accessories and the condition of the unit. The box was opened and the unit was inspected. The condition is excellent.

Please note this unit carries our full 30-day guarantee on the unit’s functionality, the same as all items on Dyscern. In the unlikely event of an issue, we fully stand behind the unit’s full functionality for 30 days.

Included Accessories

Nintendo Wii, 1 Wii Remote Control, 1 Wii Nunchuk, Wii Sports, Sensor Bar, Power Cord, AV Cable, Stand

Buy NOW!

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