DSi XL announcement, pictures, comparisons and information round up

While we had a post before on the new enlarged DSi, we didn’t have anything following it up (fault on my part from busy last few days). Since then Nintendo has officially announced the new Nintendo DS. This new Nintendo DS is called DSi LL in Japan and DSi XL in North America and Europe. The new DSi was created in order to address the issue of people having a difficult timeĀ  reading font and is targeted to those who use their Nintendo DSi for the internet or for a music player.

Nintendo DSi XL will be coming out Q1 2010 in North America and Europe. DSi XL will retail for more then the current DSi price. Japan will be getting it November 21st of this year. You can check out all the details, pictures and comparisons of the systems after the jump.

  • Nintendo DSi XL has 4.2 inch screens, a 93% increase over the Nintendo DSi.
  • The system weights 50% more then the DSi/DSlite.
  • It will come with two stylus but now the stylus are quite different.
  • The new stylus is in the shape of a pen.
  • It will come pre-installed with two Brain Training games and DS easy dictionary.
  • The new system will have a 1-3 hour battery life increase over the current Nintendo DSi models.
  • It will be available in three colors in Japan including Dark Brown, Wine Red, and Natural White.

System Information: Kotaku
Iwata Comparison Shots: arashi
North America Release Information: Kotaku
European Release Information: OMN
Images: Official DSi LL Website via GoNintendo

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    1. It’s actually not that big when closed. It’s about the size of a small notebook. If your pockets are that small, I guess no more tight jeans for you =)

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