Ferenc plays: Left 4 Dead Crash Course

Hey guys, I got a chance to play the brand new Left 4 Dead 2 DLC: crash course recently and I recorded commentary as I played.

I have to warn you that this video does contain blood, gore and lame jokes so beware.


Check out part 2 by clicking on “read the rest”


9 thoughts on “Ferenc plays: Left 4 Dead Crash Course”

  1. My favourite part: “Keep in mind this game is M rated. It’s got lots of blood and gore and zombies, so… you know, if you’re too young for that kind of stuff, avert your eyes.” *blasts a bunch of zombies*

  2. Hey guys just a heads up, Left 4 Dead is 50% off on Steam right now, putting it at about $15.00. I just bought it 😀 Also you can get Audiosurf for $5.00 aswell. (this will probably get posted on the blog…if it hasn’t already been >_>)

  3. Awesome, I haven’t actually been able to play Left 4 dead, or even watch it for the matter so this was my first time seeing some gameplay from start to finish. Looks cool. I really wish I had a gaming PC to play it D: one day… one day…

  4. I have a suggestion, not only for the TSG players, but anyone who plays Left 4 Dead: turn on the full close captions; you’ll actually see the warnings of the special infected before you hear them, because you’ll see [Hunter Growl] or [Boomer Falls] when you can’t see them.

  5. Lol awesome play through or LP or w/e it is. I rofl’d when you were like “ahah stupid tank can’t come out and hurt me. Oh crap… Mr.Tank can you please not hurt me oh gawd there goes a chunk of my health. *Tank dies* Oh so you die as soon as I fall down.”

    and, “They are healing me out of spite.” XD

  6. Haha, I have L4D on the 360 and I have the Crash Course DLC for it. The first time through it with two friends, two of us were standing near the blocked wall, and one of them set off the gun, and we failed and had to restart cause we died. We had no idea that was gonna happen haha.

    Nice run through though. Gosh I love L4D.

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