Final Fantasy XI Ultimate Collection

If you are a bit late to the Final Fantasy MMO scene you may have not played Final Fantasy XI, Square-Enix’s first attempt at bringing Final Fantasy into the MMO genre. While some may just be satisfied waiting for Final Fantasy XIV when that comes out, other people who can’t wait may want to check out Square-Enix’s older MMO with the new Final Final XI Ultimate Collection.

Final Fantasy XI Ultimate Collection will contain all the downloadable content and expansion packs from the past for only $19.99 on both the PC and X-box 360. You can find this bundle on store shelves November  10th.

Of course when it comes to online fees Final Fantasy XI charges you a hefty $12.99 a month with an additional $1 for every extra character, but if its anything like the past Final Fantasy XI bundles it will come with a month free trial.

(Source: SQUARE-ENIX )
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