Flash Game Blog, Week 3

Hey, Blackduck here with the big ol’ week three!

So far, this game is going great! Much better than I thought it would turn out. I didn’t work on it this week as much as I wanted to, but
it’s ended up still being quite productive. So to start off, there’s actually a candy you can run into and battle. I haven’t even touched the battle
system, so that’s still the same.

But when you win a fight, you go to this new screen, showing how much exp you got from the candy and the equipment it dropped! It’s all functional
except the inventory, so you can feel free to equip those items. Although when you level up you get skill points, you can’t use them yet.

You also can’t see the name/type/whatever of all the equipment, nor do you get stat bonuses from them, but it’s all in good time.

I’ll just leave this update at that, since most people don’t read it all anyways, and give you your weekly dose of Termites: Flash Edition!

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