Flash Game Blog, Week 4

Hey, Blackduck here as we end week 4.

I probably didn’t work on Termites as much this week as I would have wanted to, but I’ve done some painful copy pasting action this week, which I’m glad to have put out of the way. First of all, I finished every drawing that I needed! Not really that big of a task, because I was only missing a few. What was a big task is making the inventory! That’s right, the inventory is now fully functional, so if you want to carry something with you, but you don’t want to equip it, you’ve got a handy 5 slot inventory. I also made that when you put your cursor over and item, it tells you it’s name, stat bonus, description and who it’s named after, which is quite fun to read. Lastly, I made that equipping stuff actually gives you stat bonus, such as increasing armor/strength/brain/life.

So anyways, here’s the game:

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One thought on “Flash Game Blog, Week 4”

  1. I’m really liking it so far, it’s a very original idea!
    I have one major concern with it though, and that is that it moves way to slow, so it gets annoying.
    If you could fix that it would be much better overal.
    Good luck with the progress!

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