Flash Game Blog, Week 5

Hey guys, Blackduck here again with week 5.

Well, there’s only two weeks left. I was hopping to get a lot of work in throguhout the week, but my power supply got fried by a power surge. Luckily, I got that fixed by Saturday! So I still got a good amount of work. My progress for this week was very artistic. The first thing you’ll notice is the intro! That was a pain to make, but I got it all down, and it looks great! (in my opinion). I also finally got around to add a little loading thing that you don’t even notice because it’s amongst the black frames in the Neptune Productions thing. It doesn’t look like it does much of a difference, but it does, trust me. I also finished making all the attacks/spells and stuff, so now the fighting system is complete. Something awesome that I did, which you probably also noticed quite quick is the music! Not he best soundtrack, but I made it all myself. Lastly, the termite looks a bit more termite like.

That’s it for this week, next week I’ll try to get a lot more maps in and stuff, that way it has more than just a minute or two of gameplay, but you’ve got to admit, you can have a lot of fun with equipping those items!

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    1. I actually don’t remember doing that… I must have accidentally done it when I wasn’t paying attention! Also, thanks for that. Flash doesn’t have a spell check, so sometimes I make mistakes and don’t notice.

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