Flash Game Blog, Week 6

Hey, Blackduck with the delayed week 6!

Luckily for you guys, this was delayed for a reason! This game now features 8 maps with 6 unique types of enemies. I also fixed a lot of subtle bugs, that you guys probably didn’t notice. I also pretty much doubled the termite’s speed, but with all the lag this game causes, it doesn’t look like a big difference. If you forgot how to play, you can read through the handy instructions for explanation, then departure on your sacred quest! Although the game isn’t done yet, you can get all the way to the house. After that, there will only be 4 maps, 1 including the boss map, so the game should be done soon! That’s a good thing, since this game has to be done by the 31st. So when that happens, you guys will be able to play the real deal!

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2 thoughts on “Flash Game Blog, Week 6”

  1. Good job on adding new maps, I’ve been waiting for that for a while now! However, the lag of the walking is really bothering me. I’m not sure if you explained why it is like this previously, but if you could fix it that would be nice… but if it’s been six weeks I suppose the answer is no ^^”

  2. So, first time I’ve played the game.

    Here are my stats:

    Ultimate Roman Helmet of the Julii
    The Glorious Axe of Blue Dwarf
    Bunny Slippers
    Gengar Armor
    Julian’s Ring

    Level 5
    Armor 1(+4)
    Strength 4 (+8)
    Life 1 (+5)
    Brain 2 (+7)

    I found the game to be rather easy, but if that’s what you’re going for then you’ve succeeded. Below are bugs, observations, and suggestions:

    Third screen: monster respawns but can’t be fought

    From the Red gate, down two screens, fighting the pumpkin takes me to outside the house.

    Casting magic seems to be broken: it appears to follow the formula brain value – MP cost, which is then added to your current MP. Thus, Magic may add MP or cost nothing if your brain value is high enough.

    All damage seems to be -1 of what is displayed (i.e. it shows 2HP I only lose 1, it shows 9HP I only lose 8).

    Ultimate Roman Helmet of the Julii has a different icon when in the first slot of the Drops. (it loses the red tassle thing.)

    Fighting the Candy Corn outside the house will cause the Proceed button to be unresponsive. (This may only happen after teleporting.)

    Paladin Armor says +2 Defense instead of +2 Armor

    For the strength skills, it seems odd that they don’t cost anything to use or don’t have some kind of cool down. Maybe they should be limited per battle? Otherwise, this makes the attack command useless, and you might as well just replace it with the highest skilled attack.

    Your lag seems to be caused by not freeing all the assets when you move between screens.

    I’m not sure if this is as designed, but if you drop item ‘a’ onto ‘b’, it will delete item ‘b’.

    Play, Loop, Back, Forward, Rewind should all be removed from the right click menu. These commands allow you to skip around the map and bypass things like the red gate key.

    Some suggestions: par down the instructions, allow keyboard input for entering the name, allow mouse control during battle, add mouse control to the world map (you shouldn’t need to would about pathfinding, but stop the termite when it collides with something).

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