TSG Halloween wallpaper

Wanna spice up your desktop with some TSG Halloween pizazzz? Community members Letifer, Kitsu, Exclamation point and Anatotitan collaborated to make a wallpaper upon KmmGreen5’s request.

From the forum post made by KmmGreen5: “ok so like last month i had some wild idea for a wall paper so i m like ok how am i going to make this amazing (*looks down at dead hands , throws them against wall*), so then i say @.@ what if i get bunch of artists from all around tsg so after some looking around I pm’d !, letifer, kitsu and anatotitan do draw up some things for me, the key was to get everyone to draw they’re own vision or w/e they thought one would look like …..

so i got the pictures each of them drew for me and assembled it in gimp made it all nice and perfect then added a title using a tut i found and thought would work nice so anyways with out further ado (and complete vagueness)”

Wallpaper after the break





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