In a truly self-absorbed fashion, I have decided to try posting more pictures.  If I can get into a good enough groove, then maybe I can show off at least once a week, because everyone needs a strict showing-off schedule. I’m also trying to determine which showing-off format is the least annoying to the audience, as that would defeat the purpose of the showing off.

Here’s a picture I did a few years back. It was for a contest for the PokeWiFi community on Livejournal. It didn’t win, but it was great practice and a lot of fun to make, so it’s all good.

7 thoughts on “HELLO, WORLD 2: HELLO WORLDER”

  1. Nice pictures Anatotitan. They’re pretty funny. The only problem I see is that Rotom is holding a DS when Rotom has no hands. But they are all great drwaings.

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