Hideo Kojima says reaction to Zone of the Enders 3 "…was greater than I'd expected"

A little while back ago Hideo Kojima said that he and his development team had a great interest in making a new Zone of the Enders title for next generation systems. Apparently the series has quite a few fans as the reaction seems to have turned out pretty big.

The reaction [to the post] was greater than I’d expected. The comments topped the 100 mark, and the access count reached levels of the Tokyo Game Show time. It was picked up in a variety of places, including the net and press, and spread throughout the world.” he also says that he has heard rumors saying that after the post prices for used copies for Zone of the Enders 2 went up in Japan.

Apparentley the intrest isn’t only from the consumer though. Those from inside of Kojima’s production are also showing interest. He says that often former members of  the Zone of the Ender’s development team have been asking him if its true and telling him they want to be a part of the project. One employee went so far to make a little display at his desk (as seen in the image) that has a sign that says “ANUBIS” which is the Japanese name for the second title.

Kojima’s reaction to all of this? “Please wait a little more.

(Source: andriasang)

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