Mass Effect 2 could be coming to PS3

During a event in Poland BioWare’s  Jay Watamanuik mentioned the target platforms for Mass Effect 2. He included the already announced 360 and PC versions that will be coming in January but also included “probably PS3“. Mr. Watamanuik reportedly later backed away from this statement though.

While it could have just been a slip up there’s a bit more evidence pointing to a PS3 release. Some retailers listed the game coming to PS3 earlier in the week, EA commented saying that the listings were mistakes on the retailer’s part.

Mass Effect was only released for PC and X-box 360. I’m not sure if a PS3 version of the original would be possible because Microsoft published the first title before BioWare was purchased by EA. I’m not sure what kind of walls this would put up for bringing the title over to PS3. Anyone who doesn’t mind hopping in mid story though or for one reason or another no longer has a X-box 360 may want to keep an eye on this rumor of the PS3 version of Mass Effect 2.

(Source: Kotaku)

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