Namco Bandai is thinking about Tales of Vesperia 2

Tales games have a few sequels but many of their titles are stand alone, Tales of Vesperia might be one of titles that get a sequel though.  Namco Bandai general manager  Makoto Yoshizumi said that there is a growing interest within the company to create a sequel to Tales of Vesperia. The staff often asks “Will you be making Vesperia 2?” in which he responds “Don’t talk like a fan!”

As for what point Tales of Vesperia 2 is at right now he leaves it at “We’re thinking about it.” which is always a good sign. Yoshizume said that they have a interest in creating another movie as well.

(Source: Andriasang)

5 thoughts on “Namco Bandai is thinking about Tales of Vesperia 2”

  1. Story wise, I have no idea how they’re going to pull off a sequel for Vesperia.

    I have mixed feelings about this. I love Vesperia so much, but after Knights of Ratatosk……

  2. I would love this, Vesperia is by my far my favourite current generation RPG.
    I have no idea how the story would work, but the story of the first game wasnt all that interesting or original to begin with

  3. Would be good, although we’re still waitin on the movie and PS3 revamp here eh? Had one of the best main characters in any media… he’ll be messin with a kid in one scene and murdering a villian in the next. Other characters like Rita were pretty spiff too. Hopefully they don’t kill off our interest in Yuri’s awesomeness by overdoin it though.
    I’m not sure how “Blatz8” can say it’s by far his fave current-gen RPG without liking the story… must’ve really *really* hated all other stories 😛

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