Natsume looking into bringing NES and SNES titles to the Virtual Console

It’s not often you can get a glimpse into upcoming Virtual Console titles. Either a ESRB rating leaks a release or you find out three hours before Nintendo¬† updates the service (unless you are in Japan).

Siliconera talked to Natsume about bringing titles to the Virtual Console and they replied “We recently had a meeting with Nintendo and one of the things we discussed was getting some more of our classic NES and SNES games out on Virtual Console“.

As of right now the only title Natsume has up on the Virtual Console is the original Harvest Moon for the Super Nintendo. I personally want to see Pocky and Rocky hit the Virtual Console, it was a pretty awesome co-op game back in the day. Any titles in specific you want to see come from Natsume?

7 thoughts on “Natsume looking into bringing NES and SNES titles to the Virtual Console”

    1. And yeah I know they have Super Star Ultra, but my friends don’t really plan on getting that game and I would love to play muliplayer with them again.

  1. This is awesome, haha i still have shatterhand, shadow of the ninja, scat and abadox for the nes and still play them to this day on a 42″ plasma tv. I was Talking with the vice president of Natsume Graham Markay and we would always discuss making possible sequels to the games on the nes in 8 bit as capcom did with mega man 9. Another topic of conversation was releasing there older titles on the VC. Way to go Natsume!

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