New Last Flight details and screenshots

Last Flight is almost as old as WiiWare is itself and we have seen no more then a bit of information here and there. Kotaku got a moment with the team behind Last Flight and pulled a few details from them about the WiiWare title.

Last Flight is an action horror title starring the main character Larry Adelman, a culinary critic, who finds himself on a plane with a vampire. The vampire starts infecting other people on the plane, so Larry Adelman must fight for his life with an array of combos and finishing blows that the player can use via Wiimote and nun-chuck motions. The developer described the game as “Golden Axe” with a dark sense of humor.

Last Flight is set to be released on WiiWare later this year. No price point has been announced yet, but the developers are splitting the game into four episodes to make it as affordable as possible.

Screenshots after the Jump. Caution: Images contain blood and gore

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