New Nintendo DSi model hitting Japan this year

Nintendo pulled a fast one on Japan today. They announced that before the end of this year Nintendo will be releasing a new DSi, the specs will remain exactly the same with the exception of its screen size.

The screen size will increase from the current 3.25 inches to 4 inches and will retail for the same price as the current DSi models.  Nintendo is still determining whether it will release it outside of Japan.

I don’t have a DSi but it seems like kind of a bummer for people who may have recently purchased a DSi. Of course worse comes to worse you could always just trade in your DSi and pay the difference if it ever does leave Japan.

Note: Picture is of the old Nintendo DSi, there has not been any images released by Nintendo at this point.

(Source: GoNintendo)

7 thoughts on “New Nintendo DSi model hitting Japan this year”

  1. This seems extremely pointless. I bought a DSi in July, and the screen size seemed just fine to me. I’m glad I don’t allow myself to get sucked into buying remakes of systems. I didn’t buy a GB Pocket, Micro, or DS Lite, and I won’t be buying this either. The least they could’ve done is throw in a new feature or something.

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