New Rocket Knight coming to PSN, XBLA and Steam

Aside form Sonic, Sparkster from Rocket Knight Adventures on the gensis was one of the few 90s mascot characters that can still be  remembered in positive light. Surprisingly enough though he never caught on despite his big hook was one of those most strange but awesome combination of  things; Knights and Jetpacks.

Fast forward fifteen years later the fairly cult classic Rocket Knight franchise is getting a reboot on XBLA, PSN and Steam. The new title will be a 2.5D sequel, appropriately set 15 years after the last title. In this new title Sparkster can shoot fire balls and use an extended beam attack which use Sparksters rocket energy, but the rocket energy now has a auto refilling meter. The jet pack will also be more useful in this one, where the other games some what discouraged using it.

The Gradius like sections return with a few new additions like the ability for enemies to fly from the background into the fore ground, some new cinematic camera angles, and a the rocket meter charges more quickly.

Last but not leas they want the title to appeal to all players. Arcade mode remains the most faithful to the old titles with no continues and a linear level system. There is a normal mode as well for newcomers that allows players to save and use a world map to choose levels.  The developer also wishes to add online leader boards for scores.

Rocket Knight is planned to hit in 2010. Check out for the full preview and for some screen shots.

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