New Sin and Punishment 2 Trailers

Overview Trailer

Nintendo has been saying in most Interviews that Sin and Punishment 2 is going to be a fairly large hardcore title for them, but I still get paranoid about localization when ever a title doesn’t have a huge franchise name slapped on it. I really hope Nintendo doesn’t just let this title disapper like they have with Disaster: Day of Crisis, Fatal Frame IV, and Another Code R in North America (Europe too for Fatal Frame).  Keep your fingers crossed.

Sin and Punishment 2 is currently set for a Q1 2010 release in both North America and Europe.

The Story Trailer and the Japanese Commercial are after the jump. Update: Corrected video for commercial

Story Trailer

Japanese Commercial

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  1. So, Its Sin and Punishment gameplay with Metroid Prime style bosses, levels where you can ride a chocobo and level design which looks like something out of Panzer Dragoon?


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