Nintendo's world wide release schedule from October and on

This list makes me very happy for one reason, Monado: Beginning of the New World is under the United States section. I really hope it comes out here because the last two games Nintendo published by Monolith Soft haven’t seen release in North America.

Aside from me though, the list also confirms that Cosmic Walker is still indeed in the works along with Spin Smasher and some other titles. The Famicom Wars DS 2 listing is actually Advanced Wars: Days of Ruin which never saw a Japanese release.  The general release dates probably aren’t accurate, there is a good chance most of those “2009” titles will be released in 2010.

If this is the first release schedule you have seen, you can ignore that Kirby game listing. The listing has been there basically since E3 2005 when the title was announced for Gamecube. I have no idea if we will ever see it’s release.

You can check out the list after the jump.

Nintendo's release schedule October and on

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