Oddworld titles coming to PSN and Steam

Oddworld fans should be delighted to hear that ports of past Oddworld titles are coming to new digital distribution services.  Oddworld: Abes Odessy and Oddworld: Abes Exoddus are getting PSN and Steam rereleases. Steam is also getting Oddworld Munch’s Oddessy and Oddworld: Strangers Wrath as well. All four titles on steam will also be included in a bundle called the “Oddbox” on Steam.

Its great to see some classics revived so new players can experience them. When it comes to new Oddworld games Lome Lanning, co-founder and creative director for Oddworld Inhabitants, said “Regarding new material, we hope to have an announcement soon, but I’ve been saying that for awhile now so I’ll just shut up and hope for the best.

(Source: Bitmob)

6 thoughts on “Oddworld titles coming to PSN and Steam”

  1. When I was younger a friend of mine loved the oddworld series, I never got to play much of the games but I did play enough to get interested. I will definitely get these on steam if they are ever put on sale.

    1. Steam is a software distribution program engineered by Valve to allow gamers to get together buy games and play them on servers.

      I’m quite surprised you did not previously know this…

      1. soooo…magic?
        ha ha just kidding, yeah I’m one of the few ill infomed people on TSG. That doesn’t sound like something I can have access to, so no Oddworld for me.
        I’ll still find a way though.

        1. It’s easy =]
          Just go to http://www.steampowered.com and click ‘Get Steam Now’ on the left. It’ll download, install and update. You then just make an account and you have hundreds of games at your disposal to pay for and download. Once you’ve paid for it, it’s yours (with that account).

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