Resident Evil Marathon Details

TheSpeedGamer’s Resident Evil marathon to raise money for The Diabetes Research and Wellness Foundation begins Friday October 30th @ 6pm cst and will last 48 hours. A live game feed will be broadcast right here on our site alongside a commentary feed and chatroom.


ResidentEvilback copy

To keep things interesting there will be a “Pumpkin Cam”. We will place a webcam inside of a pumpkin outside of the house so the viewers will be able to see the trick or treaters in a separate stream beside our main feed. We want the full Halloween experience 😛

Capcom will be supporting us for our Halloween marathon. They have donated several prizes such as multiple copies of RE5(360,Ps3 and 2 autographed  PC versions by the producers of RE5) and Re Archives (Wii).  We also have a Resident Evil 5 collector’s edition(Xbox 360) which Phil is giving away and three copies of Looney Land Halloween Hill that Blackduck was able to hook us up with.

Click “Read the rest” to see which Resident Evil games we will be playing and who will be playing them and the commentator schedule.

Game and player list:

Resident Evil 0 (GC) – Tyler
Resident Evil 1 (GC)– Tyler
Resident Evil Gaiden (GB)– Phil
Resident Evil 2 (GC) – Gwellin
Resident Evil 3 – Kilgard
Resident Evil Code Veronica – Phil
Resident Evil 4 (GC) – Tim
Resident Evil 5 (Xbox 360)– Baltes

Commentator Schedule:

Friday 6pm-12am – Britt
Saturday 12am-6am – Rust
Saturday 6am-9am – Baltes
Saturday 9am-12pm – Gwellin
Saturday 12pm-6pm – Tyler
Saturday 6pm-12am – Chase
Sunday 12am-6am – Rust
Sunday 6am-9am – Ferenc
Sunday 9am-6pm – Room Collaboration (Britt, Chase, Phil, Tyler, Rob, Paul, ect.)


I’ve been keeping this a secret for a little bit, but I think now it’s time to spill the beans.  Capcom has recently contacted us and asked if they could help us out with our marathon.  Of course I said yes, just reading the email got me pumping my fists.  Capcom is home to several of my favorite gaming franchises.

Today Capcom mailed off 2 copies of Resident Evil (PC) autographed by the producers and several RE Darkside Chronicles t-shirts. This is just the beginning though; Capcom has even more in store for the marathon.  As soon as the details are finalized I’ll post them!

41 thoughts on “Resident Evil Marathon Details”

  1. I believe that there is a typo in the post. Isn’t it October 30 and not, December 30th?

    I will definitely be involved with this marathon. The cause is near and dear to my heart. My father has a bad case of diabetes. He just recently suffered a massive nerve palsy in his brain because of diabetes. He now has to deal with double vision in his left eye.

  2. I am sososososososososososososo excited for this marathon!!!! 😀 Then again, I might not be able to stay a lot because of the “R” rating. *grumbles about ESRB*

  3. this definatly looks awesome resident evil one of my favourite genres/series capcom sponser trick r treat cam… Oh man cant wait ima get a bunch of energy drinks and some stuffs and watch all night and day lol if i can.. =]

  4. *whew* all im going to miss is britt commentating xD
    im kidding. i will catch you in the collaboration. im staying up all night for rust and baltes 😀

  5. Oh yeah, I am pumped! I have to work during the start, but I should be on often late Friday night and anytime Saturday and Sunday. I haven’t seen much RE besides 4 and 5, so this should be enjoyable.

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