22 thoughts on “Route TSG Episode 3: The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past”

  1. Another great episode of Route TSG, good job Gwellin. I can’t wait for the Resident Evil marathon and I’m looking forward to the next episode!

  2. Great Route TSG as always. Never seen this game played through or even played it myself so it’s great to see it.

    Whenever I watch these videos of yours though or watch your marathons, I always want to record me playing games and uploading them up to the net but I always think that no one would care at all D:

    (Thinks it’s best to register now!)

  3. “I’ve just never been able to do the bomb jump.” – Part 3 (Around 25:00)
    Sounds like a dance. 😛
    It also seems that right as you die and use a fairy you beat the boss. 😛
    Anyways, great job Gwellin!

  4. Yay Gwelly.
    I have Link to the Past for GBA and I can never seem to beat it or sadly enough get the first Maiden rescued but maybe now I can.
    Awesome Job Gwelly-senpai.
    You made me giggle at the end.

  5. XP

    That was an epic ending there.

    Great job Gwellin! One day I’ll play a Zelda game and since you so nicely posted a play through I’ll probably copy it step by step x3


  6. This was perfect! Gwellin always plays my favorite games of a series! In the Final Fantasy marathon he did FF3 DS which is my favorite of those and A Link to The Past is my favorite game of all time!

  7. Really awesome Gwellin! Seeing you beat the game that fast and have all this knowledge about a game that I’ve had for almost a year and haven’t beaten makes me really want to get back into it and finally beat the game! 😀

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