Rumor Alert: Wii 2’s specs leaked

First i’m going to say reassure that this is indeed a rumor and that none of this is offically confirmed.

Now that we have that out of the way, a supposed Nintendo of France marketing employee has claimed he knows information about Wii 2. These claims state that Wii 2 will use blu-ray discs and support 1080p and lower resolutions for blu-ray movies and games. The system is supposbly lining up for a Q3 2010 world wide launch and Nintendo could be considering a trade in program to trade in your Wii in order to get money off the Wii 2.

Once again this is a rumor and to be honest source sounds a little shady to me. The actual specs though are believable so the rumor definitely deserves some credit.

(Source: Maxconsole)

8 thoughts on “Rumor Alert: Wii 2’s specs leaked”

    1. Can’t you keep your titles as long as you have a Club Nintendo account that lets remembers them? I can’t remmember how the whole account switching thing works.

    1. Sony was involved with the development of the the AAC audio format yet Nintendo still uses it. Besides, I don’t think money that bought blue ray disks or drives go directly to Sony or any company as their are nine founders on the foundation for blue ray. Plus this probably would have been an issue along time ago also.
      Besides Blue ray players are backwards compatible with dvd’s so Nintendo could have backwards compatibility again if the chose too. Other then that, I do think that it’s fake, and it’s still to early for a new console. We don’t need a rehash of the dreamcast dilemma again.

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