Rumor: Nvidia working with Nintendo on next gen DS set for “Late 2010”

BSN reported that Nvidia has won the contract to create processors for the next Nintendo DS, which the site says is scheduled for a late 2010 announcement. They backed it up with “confidential sources” but who knows how trust worthy those are. Their sources also said that the new platform would be able to play old DS games along with the system’s new games.

I’d take this rumor very lightly, but its worth mentioning since the DS is fairly old at this point, hopefully your DSiWare software would be able to transfer over. It is also worth mentioning though that Nintendo has said in the past that they have created a new hand held during the DS’s life cycle, but ended up scraping it because it wasn’t the right time and didn’t have enough changes for them to feel worth a release.

9 thoughts on “Rumor: Nvidia working with Nintendo on next gen DS set for “Late 2010””

  1. Yeah, the DS is old. But… I’m honestly worried about Nintendo oversaturating the market with handhelds. We’ve basically been looking at a year and a half between models. When does the consumer say enough is enough, like what happened with Sega’s console division? And when that happens, will it drag Nintendo down?

  2. Yeah I’m a bit concerned but the GBA also had 3 models. I think Nintendo can get away with multiple models of portables because they own so much of the market.

  3. Well, the difference with the GBA series is that they were just chasis, more or less. Sure, the SP had backlighting, but other than that, it was purely cosmetic design choices. There was no gameplaying benefit to taking an SP or a micro over the base system.

    The DS series on the other hand has been iterative. First we had the DS, the base product. Then the DSi, which was an online upgrade, and will have DSi only cartridges. Now we’re looking at the DSnext, which is a processor/memory upgrade, in all likelihood. That’s the difference, and the potentially fatal pitfall.

  4. I’m glad I didn’t get a DSi yet. Hopefully this hand held will have a digital distribution option like the psp store where you can buy full games.

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