Rumor: PSP2 coming within the next 12 months

Bright Side of News , the same people who said a next gen DS was coming in 2010,  claimed that their inside sources point to PlayStation Portable 2 hitting some time within the next 12 months. Again they kept their sources under wraps in order to protect them. Other then a mess of technical gibberish the only other real information provided is that it is possible the next system may not be backwards compatible with the current PSP.

Again this is a rumor and who knows the creditability of the sources they are pulling from.

3 thoughts on “Rumor: PSP2 coming within the next 12 months”

  1. I Think a PSP2 would be a good idea. Actually the PSPGO would be a good PSP2 if it had something newgen.

    Online only Download and Bound to Account is the only way to secure against the hackers and pirates.

    ofc the Publisher would rage but Steam is doing fine on PC so why not get the concept to the Consoles?

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