The new website design and you

You may be asking yourself “Now why did TSG have to go and mess up something that wasn’t broken in the first place?”. The answer is simple, we were bored.

First you should notice we re-imagined our navigation bar altogether, we have separated the Gaming content from our Marathon content (try doing that with your America s’mores, Phil). It wasn’t easy but we did it for the convenience of our readers, and that’s who matters dangit!

Nav bar

  • When you hover over the “Marathons” section the sub-navigation bar (Red colored) will change to reflect the content categories we have setup for that particular section, the same goes for “Home”. By the way “Forums” is now “Community”

You may have also notice the new Search Bar and RSS Feed icon. Yessir we’re gettin’ all fancy in these parts.

Search and feed

  • You can now search for key terms or tags that you think might be relavent to the topic of your search.

We’re now able to bring up a spotlight.


  • The “Spotlight” contains things we feel you guys should really check out. If you’re ever in the spotlight feel free to show us your Dumbo ears, because I’ve never seen an elephant fly.

The blog is becoming a staple feature with original content such as game reviews, hardware reviews, and podcasts, not to mention up to date game news and much more on the way. We wanted to focus the attention off of the marathons during those off months…bust still be able to bring you guys the latest news on upcoming marathons. Therefore that’s where the “Featured Content Carousel” comes in:


  • This little things allows us to stylishly bring you our featured content in both the gaming, original content, and marathon categories. It’s not flash based so no need to worry about it overheating your browser, however it is a bit heavy on the javascript side so don’t let go of those worries just yet.

With all these new gizmo’s and gadgets one might begin to feel like Dorothy in Oz looking for their personal “Yellow Brick Road”, well we got you covered.


  • This little bar will tell you where you are, how you got there, and how to get back (Click the colored links). Never say we didn’t do anything for you.

A wise man once said ‘A blog without inter-site connectivity, nested comments, and comment ratings, is not a blog at all.’ He was right, and he was me.


  • This is by far the “Meat and Potatoes” of the blog redesign, it’s also the one that gave us the most trouble a few days ago. You’re now able to use your “Community” username and password to sign in on the blog and comment. If you do this, we are able to use your community avatar, username (same case) and website link you provided to interconnect both the blog and the forum…hence making the “Community”.
  • You can also reply directly to a persons post via the “Reply” button.
  • The last thing you can do is rate a comment either with a Thumbs Up or a Thumbs Down. This is similar to the Digg thing except with a TSG twist which won’t be unveiled until a later date.

Since we here at TSG like our podcast, we like for you to like our podcasts as well. That’s why we’ve added a convenient little icon and link in the footer (bottom of the page) to help you subscribe to our podcast. If you missed our feed icon the first time…it’s down here as well.

Listen and learn

  • A click on the icon warrants a direct link to the Podcast RSS URL, from there you can use whatever program you like to keep up-to-date with us.
  • A click on the link warrants a page asking if you want iTunes to open (assuming you have iTunes), after it’s open it’ll then automagically take you to our iTunes Podcast page. From there you can click a little “Subscribe button”.

Note from Gwellin:

This was quite the endeavour, but we’ve got it all/mostly done. This is how much we love this community, and expect great things to come. Please tell Local or I if you think we could improve on anything, and hey, we’d even accept compliments.

Can I sleep now?

Quote from Local: “Did anybody else just about beb?”

35 thoughts on “The new website design and you”

  1. It’s really pretty 😀 Not like the other one wasn’t pretty or anything. >_> I like the new details and whatnot. Great job both of you. Now… GO TO BED!

  2. Boys, I loooove this new design! So pretty <3

    It has a looot more stuff but everything is so very well organized that it's easy to navigate. I'm used to it already! xD~

    Excellent job guys! <3

  3. What is this? Where am I?! This isn’t the speed gamers, it’s too nice to be the speed gamers! James, stop this crazy thang!!! *runs to corner and sucks thumb in fetal position*

  4. The site redesign came out alot better then I thought it was gonna and I already assumed it was gonna be awesome, good job with all the hard work guys!

  5. I’m loving the new design, guys! However, I did post some critiques on the forums, if you want to look at that, largely related to the JavaScript box thingie.

  6. “A wise man once said ‘A blog without inter-site connectivity, nested comments, and comment ratings, is not a blog at all.’ He was right, and he was me.”

    I love you Local lol. Good to see everything get up and running~! Makes stuff a lot easier to find D:

  7. Wow, just wow. This is one of prettiest looking gaming blogs on the intertubes. Gwellin and Local did a great job, it turned out awesome, way more awesome than I expected!

  8. Oh man, it looks amazing! Can’t imagine how much work went in to this, you two are so many kinds of awesome. Way to go Local and Gwellin! <3
    I love the way the little Share buttons pop up like that. I have no shame in admitting that I sat and played with them for like, 10 minutes straight.

  9. Not enough criticism!

    I think the design is good and all, but I really don’t see THAT much of a change besides the site being recolored to red and the menu bar change.

    But yeah, overall it’s good. I like it.

    1. Yes, true. These are mostly a bunch of little changes, all rolled out at once. Besides the design, we have reorganized some things around, and made some changes which don’t stand out as much. Let me tell you though, making it so that you can comment here using your forum avatar was quite difficult.

      What we tried to do was add new things, but keep everything subtly there. If you don’t notice something because it just feels normal, then we’re happy.

      We are also happy to hear criticisms, so don’t hold back if you want to point something else. This site is hardly set in stone.

  10. Awesome! I think it looks really cool, especially since I don’t need to log in through that weird thing in order to leave comments 😀 Great job everyone! <3

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