Time line and train details for The Legend of Zelda Spirit Tracks

The Legend of Zelda Spirit Tracks Info is at 1:15

9 thoughts on “Time line and train details for The Legend of Zelda Spirit Tracks”

  1. Yay! Those two are at the top of my Christmas to get list! (Along with Mario and Luigi 3, other games I’m not sure of)

    A magazine I get had the world first review of NSMB:Wii and it got a hefty 96% and they said in their next issue they have the world first Spirit Tracks review, oh ya! I can’t wait!


    Oh and lol, whenever Nintendo feels like making a game that they can’t figure out a place for in the timeline, it’s always “100 years later”.

    NINTENDO REP: People are asking when this new game takes place in relation to the other Zelda games.
    MIYAMOTO: 100 years later.
    NINTENDO REP: 100 years later than what?
    MIYAMOTO: Whatever the last game was that we released.

  3. You mean like they did with Link to the Past?- er, with Ocarina of Time?

    Btw, that’s hilarious, Phil.

    I so want both of those games when they come out. I’m really looking forward to how this Train exploration feature will turn out.

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