Toys “R” US Arceus event for US and Puerto Rico

Pokemon Diamond, Pokemon Pearl, and Pokemon Platinum users who live in the United States and Puerto Rico should visit their local Toys “R” US some time between November 7th through November 15th because they will be able to download the last Pokemon for the Diamond, Pearl and Platnium games.

The Normal-type Alpha Pokemon Arceus has the ability Multitype. This ability allows you to change its type with the use of certain items. All you have to do to  get Arceus is go to a Toys “R” Us location in the US or Puerto Rico with your Nintendo DS and a copy of one of the three titles and download it.

You can check out the full scan from Nintendo Power after the jump

(Source: GoNintendo)

Nintendo power Arceus

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  1. It’s about time Nintendo remembered to distribute Arceus to the USA. And to make it even better, it will activate the Shinto Ruins event in HGSS and will have the signiture moves of all four of the pokemon in the Origin Myth.

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