28 thoughts on “TSG Culinary Confection: Episode 2”

  1. :0 I have that same white bowl you started mixing things with! I use it for popcorn. I knew there was something special about you Phil.

    These videos just leave me hungry and empty inside…but I love them so.

  2. I wish i had the skill and money to make that D: I’m terrible at following instructions unless some one is there holding my hand the entire time lol.

    I hope it was delicious and oh god those calories.

  3. So from past experiences with Pop Tarts and Fruit Loops, I mention foods and they appear at the hands of Phil…so, here it goes: “Man I sure would love to try that ice cream that you made!”


  4. I dont get it. I thought the speed gamers was about gaming. But this makes me hungry, now all i need is those ingredients, some bowls, and the bowels to stomach that crazy concoction.

  5. Looks decadently rich and delish. Could you pour some into ice cube trays so that the serving (and fat) is just right…not too much and yet still enough to get a good taste – instead of a heart attack in a bowl? 🙂

  6. Is there an episode 1? Maybe the pilot episode was removed because a different actor was playing the role of Phil’s hat, and they changed it for the rest of the series. You know how flaky actors are, especially hat actors, or “hatctors” as they are called in some circles.

    1. The first episode was America Smores, which you could probably find in a search on the forum, or it’s on our Wiki… I don’t know the link though 😛

  7. “It’s occured to me over the course of making this icecream our next marathon supports the Diabetes Research and Wellness Foundation…” Funniest Thing Ever. Of All Time. I literally laughed so hard I doubled over and banged my head on my desk by accident.

    You know… I’ve been thinking about volunteering some of my vacation time next year to play chef for a marathon or two. After watching this I feel like such an amateur I’m embaressed to even offer :S

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