TSG Podcast Episode 17

A little late, but the seventeenth podcast is here. This episode opens with Halo ODST, moving over to game prices, Britt gives his impression of Pokémon Soul Silver, then we go in to nightmares, favourite songs, past Halloween costumes and other subjects given to use through podcast questions.

9 thoughts on “TSG Podcast Episode 17”

  1. Great podcast, you guys! So many questions from the community made me so happy. And Batles, thanks a lot of shouting out my thread. Dont feel too bad, I dont think you killed the thread.

  2. Another fine podcast.

    But I have not had as much fun as Brit with the symbol chat thing in PSO, for one reason. This symbol chat: “I <3 2 FSOD U"
    And then you get FSOD'd.
    I friggin' hate FSODs.

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