VG Flash #1 – B4U

Hey! Party people!

In my neverending quest to make everything about me all the time forever, I’ve decided to update with the VG Flash backlog. Witness the glorious evolution (or lack thereof) of Wilhelm the shrimp and Zee the bluberry’s adventures!

First up is B4U, a song from Dance Dance Revolution. Originally the project was called “DDR Flash” and was only going to feature music from Konami’s Bemani series. When I first got into Bemani games, I had visions for many of the songs in the series, though most of them are too ambitious for just one person. This first cartoon is a simplified version of what I thought of for B4U; I knew I wanted one character vs. a giant, transformed robot, but the original idea was pretty involved. Anyway, this was meant to be more of a standalone thing and just some Flash practice, but the ending confused people so I kept on going.

Also this was back when I couldn’t convert my .swf files without a free trial program, so enjoy the ugly watermark!


5 thoughts on “VG Flash #1 – B4U”

  1. Ana, That was amazing! Very nice choice of music, gotta love DDR. It’s plain to see that you put a lot of time and effort into this! Very nice job on the timing, syncing video to the audio. Overall an amazing animation. I’m very impressed! It’s no small feat for one person to create something like this.

    Well done, Ana! Well done.

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