VG Flash #10 – Team Fortress 2

So here we are with another VG Flash cartoon, this time based on the theme to Team Fortress 2. I play a lot of TF2 with a friend of mine, and I figured the 10th cartoon could also be a nice present to him for his birthday. He’s a nightmarish Pyro, but I like to play Medic and heal as much as possible. I often follow him around and heal him like mad; he fends off any enemy who targets me, and I keep him alive enough that he can be unusually aggressive.

This cartoon is the most viewed on my Youtube channel, so the comments on it tend to be less focused and more argumentative. It’s a fair tradeoff… I… guess?


4 thoughts on “VG Flash #10 – Team Fortress 2”

  1. You won’t have to worry about arguments in these comments but you already know that. Awesome video, I don’t know if it was supposed to be funny but I got a good couple of laughs off Wilhelm and Zee’s path of destruction! Now if only there was a Wilhelm spy crap (spy shrimp?)

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