VG Flash #24 – Raccoon City

Greetings, mortals!

I love me some attention. When Britt appeared to me during one of my many vision quests and said “hey, you’ll get to make your own blog posts on the site!”, the first thing I told him was “well steel yourself, because I’m turning your little dog & pony & charity & basic human decency show into the ME ME ME ANATOTITAN POWER HOUR.” He laughed, I asked him what was so funny, he told me it was none of my business, I broke a chair over his head, yadda yadda yadda. Long story short, my stitches are healing nicely and I get to show you VG Flash, my cartoon series! VG Flash details the epic journey of Wilhlem, a knife-wielding tempura shrimp, and Zee, a flying blueberry,  using video game music as a backdrop. This may seem odd, since everyone knows tempura shrimp and blueberries are natural enemies in the wild.

You fans of counting out there might notice that I’m starting with cartoon #24, which is rarely if ever the first number in the alphabet. I’m showing this one first since (A) it promotes the Resident Evil marathon and (B) as always I’m hoping to ride Jack Bauer’s coattails to glory.

So here we have VG Flash #24: Raccoon City!


4 thoughts on “VG Flash #24 – Raccoon City”

  1. For some reason I cannot see the flash. This happens to me everywhere except YouTube and some places like MegaVideo and such, I’ve been dealing with this for a long time. Any way I can fix it?

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