VG Flash #3 – Like A Rolling Coin

Hey kids! Are you paying attention to me 24/7? I’m like an attention-seeking shark; if eyes aren’t on me all day, I die. True story!

So here we have the third VG Flash. I figured to keep up the momentum of the first two cartoons and follow up with something from DDR Mario Mix. The title is based on the Japanese name for the song “Korogaru Koin No Yoo Ni,” which means “Like a Rolling Coin.” I chose that over the American name “Pirate Dance” since there are no pirates nor dances in the cartoon. Needless to say, Yoshi inspired the two big-nosed prehistoric creatures. Wilhelm is riding a plesiosaur because my smart-alec friend said that would be perfect for a foot race. Zee is riding a lambeosaur because I love duck-billed dinosaurs (hence the name “Anatotitan.”)


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