VG Flash #7 – Penguin

And now for a… holiday tune?

Well, not exactly. This is Penguin, from Pop n’ Music. Not a holiday song per se, but you can’t name your song “Penguin” and not expect people to think of ice and snow, right? This was used as my online card that year. You’ll notice at the end it says “HAPPPY HOLIDAYS.” I intended to add “THE EXTRA P IS FOR ‘PENGUIN'” but completely forgot to do so, and Flash kept inexplicably crashing every time I tried to re-render the cartoon afterwards. So here we are with what looks like a stupid typo.

This also marks the last of the “DDR Flash” series. Things really pick up after this, and with good reason.


2 thoughts on “VG Flash #7 – Penguin”

  1. I want a penguin now! That video is nostalgic from when me and my brother would play out in the snow when we were younger, though we never ended up having as much fun as those penguins were having. Great flash as always (im starting to feel repetitive now) thanks for the warm (cold?) nostalgic feelings. Im curious to see how your flashes can get better but i guess ill wait and see, ive been refraining from checking out your other videos on youtube so it will be a surprise.

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