VG Flash #8 – Halo Theme

So now we come to a turning point in the series. This is the first cartoon to mark the transition from DDR Flash to VG Flash. For many stupid, absurd reasons, the series ground down to a halt. One stupid, absurd reason was the difficulty in finding support. See, originally the idea was to introduce these characters, then use them and the attention to help promote charity. By combining my love of games and charity work, I was hoping to make a real difference. But there wasn’t enough support for the series for the idea to be effective, so I abandoned the project.

Then about a year later, I happened to check on and found an interesting post. “Live Mother series marathon begins in just a few hours!” it said. And lo and behold, I was introduced to The Speed Gamers! I loved the Mother marathon and found out that most of their shows were for charity. I decided right then and there to revive my series to help promote the marathons, and thus the project was reborn.

I quickly made a new cartoon for the then-upcoming Halloween marathon… then was surprised to find they spontaneously scheduled a Halo marathon before it. The quick deadline and the length of the song made for a boring cartoon, but I loved the challenge anyway. Halo-like planet, halo-shaped aliens… it works, right?


3 thoughts on “VG Flash #8 – Halo Theme”

  1. I’ve always thought Halo seemed interesting but I never really got into it but the way you did this flash makes me wanna try to play it again, seeing how Wilhelm and Zee were spartans I probably will have more fun with the game. Thanks for the new interesting outlook on Halo! Great flash!

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