29 thoughts on “Video: A glimpse of how TheSpeedGamers practice”

  1. Your dog stared into my soul.

    Very nice very nice! Makes me more excited for the marathon! W00t w00t!

    Let it be known Chase uses wikipedia for homework, on the Great Depression in fact.

  2. Skipper scared the hell outta me! =S

    Now that I saw the video I want this marathon to start right N-A-O!

    And I still have to wait 16 days for it! You guys are very very mean! >.<

    I can't wait for it. <3

  3. Rofl I was just chillen and britt walks in with the camera. Randommmm XD And now that I watch it and I see how I was sitting my shorts looked dangerously short. It was as if I meant to do it to seduce Phil… but that’d just be crazy…

  4. There’s something I’ve always wanted to try in that scene where the Hunter first comes out (in fact I’ll try it today) what happens if you remove the emblem from the door? Does he still bust in I wonder?

  5. Hopefully I won’t miss to much of this marathon like most of the others, that is as long as I’m not so scared of the killer zombies that run to my bed and hide under the covers. Also will you be playing the new Resident Evil game on the Wii that I read about in Nintendo Power last week?

    Oh, and Phil, if your brain is eaten by zombies and you become a zombie too, can I have the your hat?

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