Video: TheSpeedGamer's pumpkin carving contest

We’d like for the community to send in pictures of their own TSG themed pumpkin carvings .  During our marathon we will give away different awards for the pumpkin carvings.  For example, most original, funniest..ect.  Also, if you’d like to create a stencil for your carving,  be sure to send that in too so other members can recreate your art.  We will compile a slideshow of all the pumpkin submissions we received and play it during the  Halloween marathon.  Start sending in your carvings today! Remember that you don’t need to be an artist, this is all in good fun.
You can drop your submissions in the forum topic here and

19 thoughts on “Video: TheSpeedGamer's pumpkin carving contest”

  1. Guess what I’m thinking of carving for my pumkin. Go on just guess. Also, nice jack-o-lanturn Britt. I’ll try to send in mine after I carve it next week or two.

  2. Way to flippin’ steal my idea for a Gengar pumpkin Britt! Now I’m gonna wallow in despair of what to do now. GEEZ!

    I still need to buy my pumpkin and what not. Best get to that.

    In all seriousness (Y so srys?) Very cute job there sir.

  3. Britt, I have a question. Will you guys have someone giving out candy to trick-or-treaters during the marathon on Halloween? If so then maby you could have some sort of Candy-Cam. But then again, not everyone like to have their kids shown on live webstreams. I still suggest that you guys at least give out candy. Better yet, you guys could dress up Halloween, although I think you guys had already decided to dress up.

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