X-box 360 Blu-ray drive add-on "confirmed", then shot down

During a interview with Gizmondo Steve Ballmer was asked about putting Blu-Ray drives in the 360, his answer was “Well I don’t know if we need to put Blu-ray in there—you’ll be able to get Blu-ray drives as accessories.” It is a bit confusing on whether this statement was talking about a Blu-Ray add-on for the 360 or blu-ray accesories for the PC.

Major Nelson quickly turned the comment around saying on his blog that “We have no plans for Blu-Ray on X-box 360.” He goes on to say that 360 will have HD 1080p streaming movies available in the future to fill the gap.

I’m going to say it just looks like it was just a little slip up with words, but sometimes companies are a bit strange with things like this so they could just be trying to cover it up.

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