Ace Attorney series heading to WiiWare

Rating systems rarely tell a lie. The latest issue of Famitsu revealed that ports of the Ace Attorney games will be heading to the WiiWare. The series will be seeing monthly installments on the WiiWare service.

The first title of the series that will be available is Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney for 900 points which will feature the first 4 episodes, the second is Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney Justice for all which will be 1200 points, and last but not least is Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney Trial and Tribulations which will also be 1,200 points.  Eventually the 5th case for Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney will be avalible for a 300 point download.

You can check out the full scan after the jump.

(Scan and Information Source: GoNintendo)

Phoenix Wright WiiWare Famitsu Scan

2 thoughts on “Ace Attorney series heading to WiiWare”

  1. Perhaps…they’ll release a Wii exclusive game…One where Phoenix isn’t a hobo. That’d be swell.

    Also the Objection poses with the Wiimotes = awesome.

  2. So is this like a re-release, of the games cause i have never played them? Are they good? Also is their ever a point where any one mentions a boot to the head (hehe)…

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