Activision trademarks "Drum Hero"

DJ hero  just hit but Activision is already thinking of the future. A recent trade marked poped up for “Drum Hero” by Activsion.  I just wonder how much longer Activision can milk the Guitar Hero franchise before it comes crashing down.

Do you want a Drum Hero title that expands on the drumming portion of the game? Or are you happy with all the games out there already that already incorporate drums?

(Source: PlayStation LifeStyle)

9 thoughts on “Activision trademarks "Drum Hero"”

  1. Geez, first Guitar Hero, then Rock Band, then DJ Hero, then Band Hero, and now Drum Hero? What’s next, Violin Hero? Ocarina Hero? Guitar Hero Hero?

    I’m not sure if Activision can get away with this too much longer. They’re just taking it way too far.

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