Bioshock 2 Special Edition

The sequel to BioShock 2 is only a few months away and as with any major release there will be a Special Edition to give fans a bit of swag. Special Edition will contain a 13″ x 13″ premium package with special art on both sides of the slip case and the box cover, a copy of Bio Shock 2, a CD containing BioShock 2’s orchestral score, a cynl 180g LP (I think its a record)  featuring the orchestral score of the original BioShock, a 164 page 8″ x 11″ hardbound art book with developer commentary, and last but not least, three posters of vintage ads from Rapture.

The package will cost $99.99 USD on both the X-box 360 and PlayStation 3 while the PC version will only cost $89.99 USD. You can get your hands on these special editions when the game releases on February 9th.

You can check out a image of the full set after the jump.

(Source: The Cult of Rapture)

bioshock2 Special Edition

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