Borderlands’ creative director says Borderlands 2 is a “no brainer”

Borderlands’ creative director Mike Neumann had a interview with VG247. When asked about a sequel to Borderlands Neumann said “Borderlands 2 seems like a no-brainer to me.

I’m not sure how well the game performed in the market, but I do know Borderlands had a positive reception from journalists and gamers alike.  Considering the first title just launched, I’m sure it will be quite awhile till we see anything on Borderlands 2.

3 thoughts on “Borderlands’ creative director says Borderlands 2 is a “no brainer””

  1. In October the 360 version alone sold over 400,000 units, so the sales already warrant a sequel if it keeps this momentum. Personally, I hope it does, it’s really an amazing game and I wouldn’t mind seeing more.

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