Capcom bringing Resident Evil 5: Alternative Edition to Retail in North American as well and lays out DLC schedule

Awhile back ago Capcom asked how they wanted their Resident Evil 5 additional content in North America. DLC won on the poll and that is what we got, but now Capcom is bringing the title to retail anyways. So what was the point of that poll? I have no idea.

Anyways moving on, come March 9th in North America and March 12th in Europe gamers will be able to purchase Resident Evil: Gold Edition which includes all the content in one package. Gamers who pick up the PS3 version will have all the content on a single Blu-Ray disc while 360 users will receive a download ticket allowing them to download the content for free. The title will cost $49.99, a full $10 under the original Resident Evil 5 launch price.

Those who already have Resident Evil 5 will be able to pick up pieces of the additional content via DLC as we get closer to the Gold Edition’s launch.  You can check out the DLC release schedule after the jump.

(Source: Capcom Unity)

Resident Evil 5 DLC release schedule

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