Check out these spectacular pokemon prizes!

I’ve been sick for the last 24 hours but seeing the mail lifted my spirits a bit. Cow from our forums donated a brand new, still in the wrapping copy of Pokemon Platinum for the the Pokmon marathon! Just last week Cheesecake donated a mint condition Ho-oh Poke doll! Last, but not least, Yuso sent us multiple copies of the Pokemon league badges about a month ago, also still in their wrapping. There’s still some prizes I’m waiting on announcing till a later date, so be sure to check back for more prize info.

Thank you all for your generosity!

14 thoughts on “Check out these spectacular pokemon prizes!”

  1. Woah, those all sounds like wonderful prizes! Thank you so much guys you are helping make this marathon to be a great one! Amazing stuff guys, I don’t know what we would do without you guys :O

  2. I don’t suppose anyone can PM me the address to send things to? I’ve tried PMing him, emailing him, and asking in the forums…I hate to be an annoyance, but I really would like to get these in the mail Thursday.

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