DreamRift announces Project Monster for the Nintendo DS

DreamRift, a development team that consists of developers for Henry Hatsworth, is bringing a new original I.P. to the table called Project Monster (working title). The title is about a young girl named Ellie who finds a monster named Chomp. Ellie and Chomp can use team work to complete goals. Chomp can use defensive moves to shield Ellie, attack enemies, or help Ellie move around for example using Chomp’s body as a trampoline.

Chomp will gain new skills and abilities throughout the adventure. When Chomp is in a dormant state on the bottom screen you can feed him items which help determine his transformation. Other factors include the enemies he fights, the amount of time he remains dormant on the bottom screen, and what kind of abilities the player uses. Not only is Chomp upgradable, but the main character Ellie will also have ways to improve.

The title is heavily influenced by classic 8-bit and 16-bit side scrollers much like Henry Hatsworth was. The title is getting a open world inspired by the Metroid series.

The title is currently about 1/3 the way through development and DreamRift expects to finish it by the second half of 2010. Currently there is no publisher, but DreamRift said that there has been very positive feedback from publishers. You can check out the full Interview and see some screens/art over at IGN.

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