Even more Bayonetta swag for Australia

Not only will Australia be receiving the Bayonetta special edition (apparently called climax edition) complete with an art book, slip case, and sample soundtrack, but those who pre-order the climax edition will also be getting a replica of Bayonetta’s pistol.

The pistol will only be available at select retailers so be sure to ask at your retailer before preordering. You can check out the full package after the jump

(Source: GamePlanet)

Bayonetta replica gun

5 thoughts on “Even more Bayonetta swag for Australia”

    1. Yeah I haven’t seen it announced anywhere else. I don’t believe North America currently has a planned special edition and we know select countries and Europe will be getting all the goodies minus the gun. I haven’t checked Japan, but it is already out in Japan so you probably already missed your chance on that.

  1. Well they definatly(sp?) deserve it considering they are pretty unlucky with video game release dates.
    but wow a GUN. A beautiful Bayonetta gun, I mean I know its not real but it looks pretty awesome.

    Now if only they had the shoe guns…

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